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Choosing the Right Survival Gear List

Posted by Willie Balthrop on

With everything from Mayan prophecy to global warming and economic collapse being sensationalized in the media these days, disaster preparation has become an ever increasing concern for people in America and beyond. Whether or not you think the world is going to end or you just want to be prepared to handle a catastrophic weather event makes no difference, being prepared to survive without the modern civil society is important. A crucial step to this is choosing the right survival gear.

When you start to look for survival information, often times you are bombarded with cheesy outdated pages from the 90's, or super thin 5 page websites that look like they took 20 minutes and a cup of coffee to make. When you are choosing the right survival gear list to start planning your preparation off of, you want to look at how much time and effort the website took to make to gauge your opinion of the value the "survival expert" has placed on his own work. This is your first hint as to the likely quality of the information you are about to receive, it is not a tell all and good information does not have to look pretty but it is your first indicator of the amount of effort this person has put into their survival gear list.

Next take a look at what this survival gear list claims to prepare you for. Some are humorous and geared towards a zombie apocalypse, some are more serious and focused on the collapse of the government. Whatever the focus is does not necessarily make a difference either but it may affect the quality of the suggested survival gear. Here are some things that should be a red flag:

Some things that are tell tale signs of an unreliable survival gear list:


  • Giant Rambo knives
  • Knives that are not full tang (i.e. hollow handle containing "survival supplies"
  • Very cheap Chinese items
  • A heavy focus on "tactical items"
  • No explanation of any gear
  • No criticism of any gear
  • No way to contact the author of the guide
  • Items recommended from movies
  • Items based on "looks"
  • Ultra expensive prices


Essentially a good survival gear list will not look like some crazy sales page with bold red letters everywhere, forcing you to buy. It should be gear that is based on the authors personal experience with the items or that the author will vouch for.

When trying to begin your quest to become a survivalist or prepare for the apocalypse, choosing the right survival gear is your first step in a life long process of preparation. Your gear can be the difference between life and death in an emergency, so make sure you do your research and only take recommendations you can trust with your life.

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