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The Answers to Four Common Questions About Survival Gear

Posted by Willie Balthrop on

One thing that many people have decided to invest in is survival gear. While survival gear is certainly good to have in case a worst case scenario were to occur, many people don't know a whole lot about field and survival gear. To help, here are answers to four questions you may have about survival gear.

1. What is the Purpose of Purchasing Survival Supplies and Gear?

To put it simply, the point of purchasing such gear and supplies is to stave off the possibility of being caught unprepared in the event of a catastrophe. Such a catastrophe could occur due to an economic collapse, political unrest, or war. The point of having survival gear is giving yourself the ability to survive when civilization, order, or life as you know it dissolves and you are forced to fend for yourself.

2. What Is a Survival Kit?

A survival kit is a set of survival supplies and gear that is stored in a safe place. This kit can then be accessed when needed during an emergency.

The things that can exist in such a kit can vary. However, certain things should be included. First is food and water. The food included should be non-perishable. Bottled water should also be included. Other items that should be in a survival kit are a solar blanket, a tarp, a poncho, a radio, an LED flashlight, matches, penicillin, a gas mask, and a thorough first aid kit.

3. Should Weapons Be Included?

Indeed, weapons are an important part of any survival kit. This is due to the fact that if a worst case scenario were to occur, institutions like the police may now longer be there to protect you.

A number of different kinds of weapons can be included in a person's stash of survival gear. This can indeed include guns and riffles However, firearms have certain draw backs. For one, they can run out of ammo. As a precaution, things like knives and swords should also be included.

Knives and swords do not require ammunition. They can also serve other functions such as being used to hunt or as cutting tools if need be.

4. Is Military Equipment the Same Thing as Survival Gear?

Military equipment is issued to soldiers during war time. Due to the extreme conditions soldiers must face while at war, the things included in this equipment are also some of the most durable goods there are. For this reason, including military gear in your survival cache is certainly a wise idea.

This can include military uniforms and clothing. These military issued clothes are some of the most durable in existence. Their camouflage can also come in handy under certain situations. Other military items you should consider purchasing for your survival cache can include military footwear, military issue knives, night vision, and tactical gear.

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